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Breakout Sessions

Leading With and Through: Fostering a Sense of Belonging Conference 2024

Navigating the Generational Divide

Facilitators: Dr. Karen Martin-Jones & Dr. William Munn 
Location: Atrium side 1
Capacity: 25 people
Description: Today the workplace looks immensely different than it has
decades before. The leaders of today need to be equipped
with tools to manage a generationally diverse workplace.


Courageous Conversations: Trust the Process

Facilitators: Dr. Willie Jones &  Dr. Tempestt Adams

Location: Board Room
Capacity: 30 people
Description: Courageous conversations are needed in leadership now more than ever. Join the authors of “Trust the Process” as they delve
into how leaders can trust the process while engaging in courageous conversations within their organizations and environments.


Leading With and Through: The Power of Vulnerability & Empathy

Facilitators: Dr. Sylvia Burgess & Dr. Barbara Pullen-Smith 

Location: Auditorium

Capacity: 115 people
Description: Vulnerability and empathy are two words that are rarely
associated with leadership. In this session we will explore how to incorporate vulnerability and empathy into everyday leadership tasks and responsibilities within the spaces we lead.


Who I Am Over What I Am: Belongingness

Facilitators: Del Ruff & Salim Burgess 

Location: Atrium side 2
Capacity: 25people
Description: Who are those leaders? A question we all must ask ourselves as we evaluate how we lead. Join us in this session as we explore the concept of fostering an environment of
belongingness for those we lead and those we lead with.


Trauma Informed Awareness for Leaders

Facilitators: Christy Shi-Day & J Kim Wright 
Location: UNCG Classroom
Capacity: 35 people
Description: Due to the experiences of just the last few years leaders are
experiencing more trauma than before from both those they lead and  themselves. In this session we will discuss the importance of being a trauma informed leader through these complex and traumatic times.

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