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Organizational History

One Step at a Time Consulting, LLC is an interdisciplinary consulting firm focusing on training, services and product development. We have extensive experience in organizational development, leadership and team development, community engagement, diversity and inclusion, cultural competency, and change strategies. Our expertise helps organizations understand the foundation of leadership and how to improve and build leadership capacity, and explore and create sustainable leadership through systems change. We help organizations apply practical application through facilitated learning, experiential exercises, and assessment about the personal, interpersonal and organizational aspects of change leadership. Through our guidance, organizations explore their abilities to increase leadership competencies in a variety of areas.

  • Facilitated Learning Approach applied to training and development 

  • 40+ years in group dynamic work

  • PhDs in Leadership and Psychology

  • Extensive psychology and counseling experience

  • Custom Experiential Exercises

  • Leadership Development Training 

  • Diversity and Inclusion and Cultural Competency

  • Coaching 

  • Custom Experiential Exercises

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One Step at a Time Consulting, LLC

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