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EDI Journey Curriculum

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  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion​

    • Diversity and Inclusion Model ​

    • 3 C's of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

    • Leading and Managing Diversity & Inclusion

    • 5 part curriculum series 

  • EDI Coaching 

  • Practical application through discussion and exercises about the personal and interpersonal aspects of equity, diversity & inclusion and cultural competency.

  • Assist leaders and organizations in developing the organizational capacity to effectively engage equity, diversity and inclusion as a part of overall organizational plan through practical application and guided facilitated learning. 

  • Systems approach to equity, diversity and inclusion

  • Organizational Diversity & Inclusion Assessment (ODIA)

Organizational Leadership and Team Development


  • Leadership Curriculum: Leading With and Through: Leaders Leading Managers

    • 9-part series (90 minutes each) for a leadership leadership development facilitated learning journey. 

    • Series provide a practical frame of reference for leaders to enhance their leadership skills. 

    • The key elements of this series include communication, accountability, feedback, conflict resolution, and leading others. 

    • Series promotes a 'with and through' approach to leadership

  • Management/Supervisor Curriculum: Maximizing Your Potential: Leading From the Middle Zone

    • 9-part series (90 minutes each) for a management development facilitated learning journey.

    • Strengthening the relationship between managers at all levels as they lead from the middle zone

    • Help managers transform from just managing to leading.

Community Engagement

  • Guiding organizations/communities' leaders through the process of engagement to manage sustainable change in communities. 

  • Leading community leader/partners through community transitions.

  • Development of spiritual capital and the relationship to community engagement.

  • Framework for community engagement.

  • Multifaceted Model of Engagement.

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