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Lead The Way
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Lead the Way examines major theories, practices, and strategies in community and civic engagement. It provides readers with a working knowledge of such engagement, and discusses the importance of collaborating with active stakeholders to enhance leadership, foster community-building, increase civic participation, and guide policy change. 

Part I of the book provides conceptual and historical perspectives on leadership and community development. Part II addresses challenges and opportunities. Part III is devoted to hands-on applications of engagement in action.

Topics include moving leadership from the local to the national, capacity building, leadership and sustainability, and disaster and risk management. Readers learn about principles and practices for community-university partnerships, faith-based capacity building, and community reinvestment.

The second edition includes significant revisions to Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, and 12. It features new engagement strategies to help leaders transform themselves, their organizations, and the communities they serve, as well as new content on building alliances and partnerships between institutions and communities.

Written with passionate commitment, and effectively representing diverse opinions, Lead the Way is ideal for leadership courses and programs. The book is also an excellent field guide for community organizations seeking to improve their engagement practices. 

Forrest D. Toms earned his Ph.D in developmental psychology at Howard University. He is a senior consultant with One Step at a Time Consulting, a retired professor of leadership studies,  and is nationally recognized for his work related to cultural competency and systems change. Dr. Toms' research focuses on leadership and community / civic engagement. 

Sylvia Willie Burgess holds a Ph.D in leadership studies from North Carolina A&T University. She is a senior consultant with One Step at a Time Consulting. Dr. Burgess previously serves as a guest lecturer on implicit bias and engagement. Her research focuses on diversity and inclusion, spiritual capital, and community and civic engagement.

For Ordering Information Contact: Dr. Sylvia Burgess 336-543-7091 or Cognella Publishing, INC 1-800-200-3908


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